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Smile Sickle Cell Foundation is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization and a humanitarian pet project of a young woman Ndukwe Jennifer Oluchi. Born with the sickle cell condition, has known the pain of sickle cell disease. She was able to live through the painful episodes of sickle cell crisis only and have a cause to SMILE only because of the immense love, support and encouraging words from family and her doctors Dr. Onwudiewa of blessed memory and a pediatrician Dr. Yusuf who is currently the CMD of New Era Hospital Jos. The timely attention of Dr Onwudiewe and his team of experienced nurses cannot be over emphasized; they always did their best to ensure a Smile reappears on my little face even when ever sickle cell crisis mad me cry.

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Today, she can boldly say she have overcome the challenges Sickle Cell anemia posed to her life, and ready to share her experience with sufferers of sickle cell disease, by telling them exactly how she managed to overcome and live a healthy life, so they all can SMILE together, knowing that sickle cell anemia cannot pose a challenge to living a happy life to the fullest.

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Giving back to the society is a task which would involve time and funding. What brings the greatest SMILE to the faces of sickle cell anemia patients (STARS) is the knowing that they can access the drugs which prevent the occurrence or at least minimize the frequency of crisis. These drugs are referred to as routine drugs. They are drugs which must be ingested on a daily basis. These drugs are not cheap, and because of the financial strain it constitutes on the finance of the family of the sufferers of this disease in most cases, these families are unable to constantly make provision for these routine drugs. This has resulted in high mortality rate among stars

With the economic challenges biting hard in Nigeria, Oluchi with the support of sympathetic individuals and public organizations, decided to bring health services specially to people with sickle cell anemia to educate, eradicate and provide drugs, mosquito nets and treatment to people with the sickle cell blood abnormalities.

The foundation is presently building its clinic at the outskirts of the federal capital territory of Nigeria, Abuja so as to make the facility accessible to those in the rural are of Nigeria. This building contains both male and female wards to admit and monitor sickle cell patients in crises, test labs, consulting rooms and outpatient ward. This facility when completed would be the only clinic in northern Nigeria, which exclusively handles and manage sickle cell crises and would be furnished with equipment necessary to handle sickle cell crises patients. If you would like to assist in making this project available to the less privileged kindly scan our bar code below to make your donation or click on Learn more to find out how you can partener with us.

SSCF has also carried out several out reaches and seminar in various parts and across a cut section of people in Nigeria. This outreach includes mass sensitization of the pubic on the need to know their genotype so as to make wise decisions in terms of marriage. The also carry out genotype test after the sensitization and give consulting and drugs to those with the SS – type genotype. Learn more about Sickle Cell Disease or Trait.

Get active in the fight for prevention of sickle cell anemia; follow the links below to know more about SSCF:

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Get involved in the fight for prevention of sickle cell anemia; follow the links below to know more about SSCF:

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