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SSCF Organization Tree

Smile Sickle Cell Foundation is a registered nonprofit, non-government organization operating in Nigeria. We are an operational NGO, meaning we plan and carry out boots-on-the-ground projects to accomplish our objectives. This requires a great deal of careful planning, communication, and local involvement for each project.

Organizational Goals

SSCF Organization Tree

enlightenment and awareness...

Our goals explore a humanitarian approach, an approach that applies enlightenment and awareness, as well as a relief to sickle cell patients in times of complications or crisis in the short run and a country free of sickle cell disorder in the long run.

Organizational Aims and Objectives

Our objectives as an organization are to accomplish the following among others:

SSCF outreach

reaches out to young boys and girls in Colleges...

In a bid to catch them young, the Foundation reaches out to young boys and girls in Colleges, Universities, National Youth Service Camps, health centres, worship centres and also people who are at high risk of having SCD with a view to sensitizing them on the need of knowing their genotype early enough as well as providing free genotype screening. This will go a long way in preventing the unfortunate incident of having new cases of people born with SCD.

latest news

One day awareness seminar for students of Cherry field College Jikwoyi in Abuja.

Free routine drugs and treated mosquito nets for sickle cell patients in Abuja

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