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The act of effective partnership

Smile Sickle Cell Foundation (SSCF) is partnering with both private individuals and organizations all over the world to help bring health care to patient with Sickle cell anemia.

As the popular saying goes A tree cannot make a forest SSCF recognizes that she alone cannot handle the challenges of providing better health care attention for sickle cell patient. Therefore, SSCF is actively seeking to build partnership with private, public and nonprofit individuals/organizations that are skilled, technologically driven, with assets and resources that can leveraged on to provide sustainable health impact for sickle cell patient(s).

Building an effective partnership entails sharing risks, responsibilities and reward for successes achieved with the involved parties. SSCF defines its vision and the steps it intends to take in accomplishing its mission and roles partners can chose to help it in making its dreams a reality.

SSCF is enthusiastic about cooperating with a variety of partners starting from domestic business organizations to large multinational corporations, hospitals, schools, universities, Government agencies, NGOs, private donors etc. to bring health relief closer to sickle cell anemia patients.You may join in on the fight against sickle cell anemia by Making a donation to SSCF.

There are several areas in which you can become a partner to SSCF. Some of them include:

  1. International and Diaspora Alliances

    International and Diaspora Alliances (IDAs) are SSCF's premiere model for building partnership with international and diaspora organizations and individuals that wish to partner with her. SSCF works with large and small companies, NGOs, diaspora groups and other donor agencies through IDAs, to achieve set goals of the foundation.

    IDAs encourages private and public sector support using its skills, technology, funds and assets to solve critical health problem and challenges faced by sickle cell patients. They on the other hand, leverage on SSCF's convening power, social presence and diverse network of stakeholder relationship in a way that promotes there objectives.

  2. Domestic Support

    This category work closely with SSCF mission in its various outreaches and are cut from a broad section of private and public sector to help achieve our priorities, including genotype awareness education and preventable child and maternal death. They also actively provide fund, drugs and other material and immaterial assistance to the foundation.Make a donation to SSCF to help the fight against sickle cell anemia.

  3. Education

    SSCF partners with educational institutions, traditional institutions, NGOs private and public sectors and other donors to improve sickle cell awareness and education in their general localities. Knowing their genotype and how it affects their future children gives them a chance to prevent cases of sickle cell anemia. Follow the link to learn more about sickle cell disease.

  4. Sharing your ideas with us

    Lastly, SSCF encourages and accept unsolicited proposals and application. This should be forwarded to the directory of mission SSCF through a mail delivered to our office or through an email addressed to the directory of mission SSCF. However, due to resources limitation only the best of such proposals and applications are considered. SSCF is ever ready to work with your ideas if the are considered beneficial to sickle cell anemia patients.

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